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oil tanks


AIRMOT provides customers with all kinds of aluminum fuel tanks and oil tanks for European trucks and trailers.

exhaust systems


Exhaust systems parts

brake pads


High quality brake pads

other spare parts


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airmot about
Airmot is a manufacturer and supplier of
automotive spare parts.

We Are Here To Keep You On The Road

Airmot is one of the affiliated companies of Arma Global Trade. Operating in association with Arma Global Trade, Airmot progresses with the aim of providing the high service quality in Automotive sector.

Carrying out production in Turkey within our group of companies, Airmot offers service to its business partners with its high quality products.

Airmot offers its partners a business model that meets all their needs with a single delivery instead of working with different suppliers for each. And with a quality management system aiming at continuous improvement, it delivers safe spare parts to its customers by providing the best service.

Supplying spare parts categorized under 17 product groups from approved suppliers in Turkey, AIRMOT eliminates quality-related problems. Having a wide product range with commercial vehicle spare parts in all product groups, AIRMOT meets all the needs of its customers in a single delivery and reduces logistics and operational costs by managing it from a single center with the awareness of time value. AIRMOT provides fast and perfect service to its customers with top quality solutions in all domestic and international brands.